Bo Meubles - About Us

In 1993, Jean Paul Bouic and Philippe Harel launched their company, Bo Meubles  as a joint venture. Their objective was to import from France bedroom furniture made in a material which was then fashionable, melamine. The new company quickly moved on from assembling and distributing imported furniture to manufacturing it locally.

"We purchased machine tools and the equipment which went with them, we gathered together a team of qualified workers and we began to make furniture", says Jean Paul Bouic, today the sole boss of the business located at Forest Side.

"We begun by making pieces of furniture for kitchens and bathrooms, and went on from there to make whole suites of furniture. We later diversified our products while sticking to the same basic material, wood. From furniture, we moved on to panelling, to cabinet-making and carpentry. We are now capable of making everything than can go into a house, from flooring to roofing, doors, windows, shutters, including staircases. As I often say jokingly: Bo-Meubles makes everything that can be out of wood, except matches".

According to the boss of Bo-Meubles, its good reputation is due to the close attention to quality, which is present at each stage of the manufacture of its products.

"When we make something for a client, whether it be for a large hotel or for an individual customer, I supervise the phases of the work as if the product was meant for myself. I pay attention to details, to the finish, and I have the work done all over again if necessary. We have a reputation for quality which we absolutely wish to keep up. It is now a habit with us. Even if we get an order for 3-star furniture or panelling, we deliver a product with 5-Star finish. Our team of specialists enables us to offer a high quality finish for each of our products." Bo-Meubles offers a well organised after sales service in addition to the high standards of work.
"We are reputed for our quality work, for meeting  deadlines and also for our after sales service. Some of our competitors offer a guarantee of six months to one year on wooden products. But it's essential to bear in mind that wood is a living material which changes over time, and if a client tells me that the door we have made 2 years ago is no longer right, I will have it fixed."